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Northeast Combat Pistol League
An IDPA affiliated action shooting club that runs IDPA matches along with other rifle, shotgun and 3-gun matches at the Metacon Gun Club in Simsbury, Connecticut. We draw from a holster and shoot on the move while engaging targets with rifles, shotguns and handguns. Visit www.necpl.com to learn more.


Connecticut Shooters and Sportsmen
Legislative updates on issues affecting gun ownership rights in Connecticut

  • Contact links for legislators, NRA local volunteers for Connecticut and links to gun clubs and organizations throughout the state.
  • A legislative response guide to assist in the drafting of phone calls, letters and public hearing testimony.

My vision for this site is to help organize all shooters, hunters, collectors and citizens who simply believe in the right to own firearms and reside in Connecticut, to have a central place to go for information. Visit www.ctsas.info to learn more.

Save Blue Trail Range


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